thrombexin®18 - the pinnacle of design and quality in Anti-Embolism stockings

Superior features

thrombexin®18 two way stretch comfortably enables easier fitting of the stockings and provides greater patient compliance. The unique combination of features makes thrombexin®18 the perfect choice of Medical Thrombosis Prophylasis Stockings (MTPS).

“Active breathing” thread knit

Maximise comfort and easier fitting

The two-way stretch technology enables the maximum level of care with the narrowest range of stockings sizes for up to 100cm thigh circumference. The material allows extra stretching for easier fitting on patients. Latex free material made of 82% polyamide and 18% elastane.

Fleecy lined soft heel

Relieve pressure, comfortable and easy to identify coloured size

The fleecy soft heel in the thrombexin®18 stockings relieves pressure in the particularly vulnerable heel area. The material is constructed with subtle fibres to transport moisture away from the skin, preventing maceration and with a highly specialised construction process, minimises shear forces and friction.

In addition, the stocking size is easily identified by healthcare professionals based on the simple thrombexin colour coding system minimising risk to the patient when replacing stockings.

Anti-bacterial and Antimycotic toe area

Improve hygiene reduce infection risk

The toe area improves hygiene and reduces the risk of infections. The unique anti-microbial properties of the Live-Fresh-NEO material reduces hospital acquired micro-organisms, fungi and cross-infection.

Silicone top band (Thigh length only)

Secure fit, increase comfort and minimise constriction

The specially developed non-slip silicone dots ensure a secure fit. The stocking fits perfectly when the indicator box on the topband displays a square. This increases the level of comfort and eliminates the risk of constriction.

Inspection Opening

Easier neurovascular monitoring of toes

The inspection opening allows constant monitoring of potential neurovascular changes of the toes,
without having to remove the stocking. It improves daily hygiene and air-flow around the toes.

Hospital Butler

Assist donning in theatre

The Hospital Butler is a donning aid designed to facilitate the fitting of anti-embolism stockings in day-to-day hospital care and in the operating theatre. The device diameter can be adjusted to allow a non-touch fitting.

Unmatched patient compliance

Regular testing has shown that thrombexin®18 stockings successfully maintained the Sigel Profile, digressive pressure gradient. As a result, thrombexin®18 stockings compression can be easily adaptable to each patient needs.

Also, the proprietary colour coded tape is a simple yet effective tool that helps the patient or the patient’s carer to easily choose the correct size without having to measure the leg length.

  • No need to measure the leg length.
  • Colour coding for size selection.
  • Ankle size on sewn-in label.
  • Left-right leg distinction only for thigh length with waist.

Compliant with regulatory standards

Wide differences between the compression profiles of the various stockings brands

This study characterised the specific pressure profiles of four thigh-length MTPS from the following manufacturers using HOSY2 , the gold standard in testing:

• Compinet® pro (BSN medical)
• T.E.D.TM (Covidien)
• Cambren® C (Hartmann)
• mediven® thrombexin® 18(medi)


The four requirements of ENV 12719

  1. The absolute stretch at the measuring points B, B1, C, D, E and G must not be less than 15%.
  2. The compression exerted by the stockings at the ankle must be between 13 and 18mmHg.
  3. The residual pressure exerted by the stockings at the measuring points listed above must lie within the following ranges: B1:80 - 100%, C:60 - 80% and G:30 - 70%.
  4. The residual pressure at any of the measuring points along the leg, apart from at G (at the top band), must not be higher than the residual pressure at the most distal reference point (= graduated, continuously digressive pressure profile).

Unique manufacturing process

Thrombexin® 18 Anti-Embolism stockings are manufactured using a proprietary manufacturing process to ensure each stocking is produced to the highest quality and to ensure compliance to ENV 12719 standards.

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