SureSafe® Surgical Drapes and Gowns

Designed and developed in partnership with Australian hospitals and clinical specialists.

Where quality meets value

Introducing a new generation of surgical products, carefully designed and developed in partnership with Australian hospitals and clinical specialists to exceed clinical design requirements, raise quality and compliance standards and add value to the Healthcare system.

Design and Comfort

SureSafe® Surgical gowns and drapes are designed in partnership with Australian clinicians for both patient and practitioner. SureSafe® guarantees protection and comfort through a unique combination of material quality and testing, breathability, gown and drape design and a range of design features to enhance the performance of each product . SureSafe® Surgical Gowns and Drapes are truly designed for a wide-variety of surgical applications within hospital settings.

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Compliance and Protection

Protection of both patient and practitioner against fluids and infectious diseases is our priority. All SureSafe® gowns and drapes comply with EN 13795-3 and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation standards (AAMI). SureSafe® products are manufactured under strict quality control processes and comply with ISO 13485. All products are CE marked and guarantee our products meet the essential requirements of the Medical Device Directive.

Environmental Care

SureSafe® gowns and draping materials are by-products of the oil industry. No cellulose and wood pulp are present in our products, which ensures no trees are consumed in the manufacturing process. The products do not present a significant risk to the environment when incinerated after use and are broken down to carbon dioxide and water.

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