A Revolution in Heat and Cold Therapy

Therapeutic Innovation in Natural Pain Management

Gel X™ incorporates a patented technology designed to optimise the therapeutic performance of heat and cold packs.

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Revolutionary Design

Gel X™ combines a unique and innovative hexagonal, internal silicone frame to maintain the gel's shape and form and a dual fabric to provide flexible temperature options.

Gel X™ therapeutic packs are equally effective for heat or cold applications in first aid, sports injury management and for those with sensitive and fragile skin.

Patented Technology

A silicone mesh frame traps the gel in hexagonal cells to evenly distribute the temperature to mimic the natural cellular structure of ice.

This unique technology maximises temperature retention for both heat and cold applications and holds the gel on site for optimal healing.

The silicone frame also allows the user to mould the pack to better suit various body contours than other hot cold packs.

Temperature Control

Gel X™ heat cold packs come in two types - Gel X™ Comfort and Gel X™ Sport.

Gel X™ Comfort has a unique, dual fabric design to provide the user with surface temperature options: The soft fleece fabric prvides a gentler transfer of temperature for sensitive and fragile skin, removing the need for a fabric cover. The canvas side give faster and more intense temperature transfer for those wanting more targeted therapy.

Gel X™ Sport is encased in a clear PVC pouch and provides more extreme temperatures and the fastest transfer rate when required for first aid and acute sports injuries.


Gel X™ Sport packs are designed for mobile use, ideal for sporting and other outdoor activities where acute injuries can occur. They are suitable for most first aid and injury applications to assist in the reduction of swelling and pain.

Gel X™ Comfort packs are suitable for the treatment of both chronic and acute pain and immediate use on injury. They are particularly suited to patients with sensitive or fragile skin such as children, the elderly and those with dermatological skin conditions.

Both Gel X™ packs are ideal for injuries, sprains and strains; abdominal, back, joint and muscular pain and deep tissue damage. As cold therapy than can also be used on insect bites and bruises, to ease dental and sinus pain and to reduce swelling and fever.

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